About Christopher Keast

I write speculative fiction. Stories like social media metaphysical viruses getting injected into an innocent adolescent’s mind; cyborgs escaping their testing ground in Australia by dismantling human control systems, planting a rogue agent many years earlier; an old man tries to overcome his longtime wife’s death using her life-sized, speaking, mind-reading hologram; and, most notably, my two-novel story about peoples’ selfie, social media, and picture-taking infatuations causing an AI, run by a faceless corporation, to go rogue and begin purging the buildings, monuments, and people depicted in such photos in order to balance Earth’s total carrying capacity for data storage – Datapocalypse, and its sequel, Deepfake. The short and sweet synopsis is: a story about love, too much data, and the end of the world.


The what-ifs I wrangle with on a daily basis seem endless!


Part engineer, part musician, part poet; a focused writer. Christopher spends his early waking hours writing speculative fiction before beginning work as a renewable energy engineer. His self-published novel, Datapocalypse, was released in 2020 with several other stories in the works including Eye for Ego, Sparks of Selma, Viralpocalypse and The Fulcrum. He is passionate about the writing craft along with music, designing energy systems, travelling, yoga, philosophizing, drinking coffee and a host of other undertakings to feed his autotelic tendencies. Christopher lives in Port Dover, Canada with his wife and daughter.