Keast (solo music act name) never strays too far from his musical roots — though those roots travel far and deep. The diversity of sound ranging from the twelve-string guitars, bright and straight-ahead solos, smashing snare drums, and vocals often juxtaposed between satirical, introspective, and sullenly thoughtful give all listeners something to enjoy. Abstract, poetic lyrics about techno-dystopia, meditation, nature, nuclear bombs disguised as love ballads offer an unformulaic puzzle that each listener gets to assemble in their own unique way.

Relish in the beats, relax to fingerpicked or softly strummed guitars, bang your head with fist raised in the air to the heavier parts, and sign along with the melodies. The fusion of styles Keast culminates into a unique style that can only be described as, Keast — much like his science fiction stories (see Datapocalypse, Viralpocalypse, Sparks of Selma, and Eyes of Ego).

Check out Keast’s latest six-song EP, Half-step Sun, on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and anywhere else music is streamed. His earlier releases are found on Soundcloud. Follow Keast for updates on future solo releases and collaborations with his fellow hard-rock and metal enthusiasts.