Although many of us will be celebrating St. Patty’s Day indoors this year (dubbed St. Padlock’s Day for any sadists out there), I want to quickly talk about Deepfake: the continuation of Datapocalypse. 

I toiled through the Canadian winter, locked in by snow and viruses, nearly sleeping the whole thing through. But this story somehow got onto paper. Now, the manuscript for Deepfake has been drafted, the building-swallowing AI has more power than ever, and new characters will help the old ones to try and save humanity from data overload.  

My highly appreciated alpha, beta or gamma readers (whatever we call them at this stage of the editing process) are hard at work reading through the manuscript, dissecting my thoughts and telling me if they’re cohesive, let alone entertaining, and let more alone, thought-provoking. Once that feedback comes in I get to decide how to unleash this thing to the world. I trust it will bring more of the same soft, science fiction lewdness about buildings (and now art works and people, maybe) disappearing out of thin air and only a few people knowing why, along with twists of mystery, humor, travel, romance and my usual brand of tongue-in-cheekness. But in the end, the readers always decide! My hand is but a conduit attached to my brain, which attempts to translate thoughts and ideas pulled from the ether that perhaps have no business being pulled out of there to begin with. But I dare. And I trust the readers will enjoy.

By the way, if you’re curious about what the GIF is showing at the top of this page, it signifies the essence of Datapocalypse: take too many pictures, and things may start to disappear. Kudos to my wife, Sarah, for fixing that little video for us. 

As a side note, my flash fiction story called Viralpocalypse is being published in Flash Fiction Magazine! And no it’s not a take on the pandemic. That would be a tad cliche at this point. Who the hell wants to read another story — real or fake — about that, right? The release date is March 24th. Please check it out on their website or sign-up to their email list. 

That’s all for me. Stay well and stay kind.

Peace, love, datapocalypse,

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