Modern-day parable on the stresses of society

A friend says to another, “Friend, you look a little stressed. What gives?”

The friend replies, “I am a little stressed. My responsibilities never end. I’m always busy and can’t seem to grab a free moment for myself anymore. I sometimes wonder if it’s because of this.” A smartphone is held up for the other to see. They lightly nod while continuing to listen. “This—this thing—is supposed to make our lives easier… It’s supposed to give us more autonomy. But I feel like more of a slave now than ever. There’s always something to do: news, posts, pictures, comments, ratings, likes, GIFs, reposts, dislikes, deletes—all vying for one’s attention at the same time.”

The first one then says, “It appears the only cure for you my friend, is meditation. To clear out the debris, dim the noise, quell the chaos.”

“Meditation, huh?” the friend says. “I think I’d like to try that.”

“You’ll love it,” the other one says. During a moment of silence, the friend’s smartphone suddenly chimes. They look down at it to see that their friend—the one engaged in conversation—sent them a link. “And the best way to meditate for those not used to applying such tools: get the right app.” 

“Another app?”

“An app to cure all apps!”

They end their video chat and go on with their day.

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